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A Traditional Latin Mass is offered in Leicester at St. Anne's at the times shown on the Announcements Page.

We are profoundly attached to Catholic Rome.  We hold firmly to all that has been believed and practised by the Church of all time, in her faith, morals, worship, catechetical instruction, priestly formation and her institutions, and codified in the books which appeared before the late Council. Meanwhile, we wait for the true Light of Tradition to dispel the darkness which obscures the sky of eternal Rome. We pray that the Pope will consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for its conversion, and for the return of Modern Rome to Catholic Tradition.  

Welcome to St. Anne's:

If you have just found this site, or have concerns or questions about the loss of Faith in the Church and society, you are welcome to visit St. Anne's and to attend the Tridentine Mass so as to appreciate the mystery and sacredness of the Holy Sacrifice, and the sense of participating at something "other worldly."

You may be able to borrow a missal with the English translation of the Mass. The priest or a member of the congregation will be happy to answer any questions.

As befits the house of God, all the faithful are asked to be modest in their mode of dress. It is normal for ladies to follow the custom of covering their heads.

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